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Do you love your job? Would you want to recommend your institute to the world? Do you have doubts regarding which career path you’ll tread? Then, The Placement Insider is the place you are looking for.


Finding people who have the same work ethics and goals can be a cumbersome task. TPinsider aims to create a platform for professionals all over the world for discussing things that matter. Find your perfect fit from the companies listed, know their perks and pits, enrich your knowledge about the field with multiple perspectives and ask questions to get viable solutions.


TPinsider has endless lists of workplaces with ratings given by former and current employees. You will find genuine information regarding the job roles, criteria and salary. Moreover, it is a platform where people can share their real life experiences which makes it easier for someone to make a well informed choice. You can promote your workplace by creating specific pages and putting out information, you can also share your opinion regarding it.


If you are a fresher in the field or looking for a career switch, TPinsider can help you get noticed amidst countless resumes. Ever thought how a drab piece of paper can portray your powerful personality? Wondered how you can be more confident? Our app allows you to make a video CV which can get you your dream job. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about this, we will guide you every step of the way. There will be cues to help you stay focused and not give unnecessary information. You don’t have to get it at one go, relax and give it another shot. Curating the content you put out to create your personal brand is a challenge and our product promises to make the journey easier.


TPinsider is an amazing platform to brush up your skills, know the nitty-gritty of your profession, get a holistic view of all major companies and boost your career. We think experience enriches knowledge and want to share it with the world.