About us

About Us

We are a well-knit group of focused individuals who are extremely passionate about what we do. At Workable, you can exercise your creative independence, channelize your energy into making new things and meet like minded people.

Our work is to connect people across the globe and make their lives easier with our products. Innovation and invention are the pillars of Worktable. Our platform is unique as it values personal experience, thereby forming an extensive database for the benefit of others.  Our company emphasises on holistic growth of an individual vis-a-vis professional dexterity.

Unlike other social media platforms, Worktable connects you with people who have matching interests and have aced similar situations.


Our Mission

We want to create a collective knowledge base from real life experiences of people from various walks of life that can be accessible anytime and anywhere. Our horizons are always expanding as we try new things to make life easier. We value all our employees and hope that they become enriched individuals while working with us.